Qmeter is an innovative way to measure visitor flows

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Smart queue and traffic management device for waste recycling centres


Increased service-level

By preventing long queues based on data


Enhanced safety by social distancing for guaranteed safe waste disposing

Plug and play

Possible to be up and running within 24 hours


GDRP proof

Data availability

Application possibilities

Henk Kaskens - Q-meter

Henk Kaskens - Director Q-meter & Modulo Béton UK

“Q-meter is engineered by Modulo Béton UK. We are proud to be part of improving the waste sector in the United Kingdom.”

Improving your household waste recycle centre in an innovative and cost-efficient way?

Do you want to encourage social distancing, improve your HWRCs using predictive analytics and gain useful insight in visitor flows, all at the same time? Our innovative real-time smart-device tracking system called Q-meter achieves all of this and more. With over 30 years of experience in global recycling and waste management, we have helped hundreds of waste departments and waste companies reach their optimization goals.

Q-meter is taking the next big step towards optimal traffic management and queue visualization. All 100% GDPR proof. This smart-device tracking system can be used for multiple purposes but is especially suitable for household waste recycling centres.

Our main goal is to create a safe and efficient situation at every household waste recycling centre in the United Kingdom. Q-meter contributes to this goal by spreading the amount of visitors per day and week.

Seeing a huge queue in front of an HWRC can be quite frustrating right? Data analytics shows that long queues cause a variety of problems. HWRCs experience a huge increase in queues to get into the station. Seeing these queues stimulates residents to dispose their waste illegally. We strive to prevent fly-tipping by providing detailed data about waiting times. Fly-tipping costs hundreds of thousands of pounds every year in clean-up costs. Q-meter provides all residents with real-time data so they can plan to visit at a later time. All of this results in increased productivity, smoother operations, and happier residents!

Together we will always find a suitable solution to fully integrate the Q-meter data into your website, app, mapping software, or Facebook account. Guaranteed success! We understand that something innovative and new such as Q-meter may raise many questions. For this reason, we temporarily offer a completely free pilot to test our solution. Everything can be arranged within just one or two days. With the button below you can find more detailed information about Q-meter. Contact us for a free pilot. Hope to speak to you soon!

We help you become an innovator in the waste sector.

Real-time insights

Real-time insights

Your visitors get to see the most recent queue status at your household waste recycling centre. This offers them the possibility to plan their visit at a later time.

Prevent illegal dumping

Prevent fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is a big problem for household waste recycling centres. Q-meter reduces fly-tipping because of the efficient visitor flow.

Plug and play

Plug and play

Only power is needed for Q-meter to fully operate. Our algorithm can be managed from distance.

Suitable for large crowds

Suitable for large crowds

You can accurately measure small and large crowds at your household waste recycling centre. All (potential) visitors are being well-informed.

Improve on-site safety

Improve on-site safety

Q-meter insights offer you the possibility to improve the safety at your household waste recycling centres. This is valuable for both employees and visitors.

100% customer satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction

Up to now all our pilots have been a great success. The advantages we point out are clearly noticeable. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Q-meter innovative smart-device tracking system by Modulo Beton UK

Q-meter smart-device tracking system

Less than £15  £10 a day

Do you want a higher resident satisfaction rate?

Do you want more efficient and safe traffic management?

Do you want an easy to implement queue management solution?

Then Q-meter is the best solution to invest in. No precognition needed! You benefit from our 30+ years of experience and knowledge in waste and recycling solutions. It energizes us to help you realize your goals. You can get more detailed information about Q-meter by clicking the button below.

Not satisfied? The pilot is completely free and easy to cancel.

FAQ Q-meter

FAQ Q-meter

What happens after I request the free pilot?

Our team will send you more information by email as soon as possible. After we have received your phone number we would like to schedule a meeting.

How does the shipment process work?

After we have made mutual agreements, the Q-meter(s) will be sent to the correct destination. This takes up to a week.

Can I place an order by phone?

We are currently working on providing this service. At the moment we can provide the best service by email or with the live chat option.

How do I get informed about the status of my Q-meter order?

We will keep you informed as much as possible. You will receive a track-and-trace code and a personal support phone number. Customer support is very important to us.

I would like to receive the Q-meter as quickly as possible, what is the best procedure?

Request a free pilot and together we will ensure that the q-meter is up and running within a few weeks. You could also email us: info@qmeter.co.uk or call +31640749802

Can I improve my HWRC using Q-meter?

This is an extra service that you can purchase. We assist you with advanced heat mapping techniques and data analysis.

How do I make sure my Q-meter order has been placed correctly?

When you request an order via the website you will immediately receive a confirmation in your mailbox. We handle an order by email within 24 hours.

What makes Q-meter 100% GDPR proof?

Our system does not collect any personal information. All information is encrypted before being sent to the back-office.  

Can I integrate Q-meter in my dashboard, website, Facebook, app or mapping software?

Yes! Our Open API can easily be integrated into a dashboard, website, Facebook, an app or mapping software. Our team can assist you with all of the integration and streamline the entire process.

FAQ Modulo Béton UK

FAQ Modulo Béton Modular Recycling Ltd

What is Modulo Béton UK?

We are a British company, based in Chelmsford, Essex, UK that designs and constructs modular split-level prefab concrete HWRCs. Modulo is a proven and patented system.

What does Modulo Béton UK have to do with Q-meter?

We are offering Q-meter as an additional innovative product to help all HWRCs in the UK to prevent long queues. This is now even more important due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing.

Do I have to be a Modulo Béton UK customer to use Q-meter?

No, Q-meter can also be used on other HWRCs.

What is the added value of Modulo Béton UK in this process?

We are an expert in waste management and use the collected data of Q-meter for the benefit of our customers by giving advice based on deep analytics when requested.

Why is Q-meter by Modulo Béton UK a unique product?

Expertise and innovation are combined to optimize service to customers.

Where can I learn more about Modulo Béton UK?
You can visit our website: modulo-beton.co.uk
Does Modulo Béton UK deliver the support regarding Q-meter?

Yes, Q-meter involves a subscription, proper functioning is guaranteed during the subscription period.

Can Modulo Béton UK guarantee Q-meter meets all laws and standards?

Yes, Q-meter is CE-certified and GDPR-proof.

What are the installations requirements for Q-meter?

Only Power and Data Connection (Ethernet) are required.

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